The area covered by the archive is the same as that covered by the administrative district of the Rochford District Council. It is, even today, a mixture of large farms, small villages and urban areas, all distinct and unique. The fourteen parishes of the district cover a large area: between Canewdon in the north to the boundary with Southend-on-Sea in the south and from Foulness Island in the east to Rawreth, bordering on Wickford, in the west.

Until the 20th century the roads were mainly poor or non-existant across the district and one village was often separated from the next by rivers and creeks and unpassable muddy tracks. This lead to the development of a collection of separate communities each with its own characteristics. The weekly or occasional livestock markets and fairs held in the two main towns, Rochford and Rayleigh, were the only times when people from the villages were likely to mix.

It is an area steeped in history from neolithic times but many of the older population have always lived in the same place as their ancestors and see themselves as belonging to their village community rather than the district as a whole. The coming of the railway in the late 19th century opened up the towns on its route to wider commerce but the extremes of the area are still only linked by road. Without a car, people are reliant on infrequent buses to leave their villages.

Until recently the RDCA group has consisted of just six members. We are very pleased to have welcomed another three volunteers to join us this year. Currently we are working on a variety of articles, several concentrating on life in the outlying villages of the district. We are also continuing to engage with the various communities on a regular basis, mainly through the libraries. In addition we have displays at fetes and other social functions throughout the district whenever possible.

However, we would like more volunteers to join the group. We are always pleased to receive written memories or offers to talk to any of us to record verbal recollections. Loans of old photographs, or artifacts which can be photographed, are gratefully received. We will scan them for the website and return them within a few days.

Find out more by visiting the ROCHFORD DISTRICT COMMUNITY ARCHIVE website.




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