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Clements House

By Mrs Mower on 19/04/2016 at 21:40

I am wondering if you can help me.

In my younger years i was in a childrens home called Clements House.

I believe this house is now a grade II listed building & still stands today.

I can remember the St Mary the virgin church being close by along a lane, as children we went from the home along the lane to Sunday school.

The old house had a large garden that backed onto the lane with an old tram in the garden, the tram has now been removed so i am told.

I can remember the house having three windows in the eaves of the property to the front of the house & a large conservatory to the side of the building.

In the days of when it was a childrens home, I believe run by the council, it had geese in the back yard, the geese sheds were still visible when I located the house on Google maps a couple of years ago.

I would love to locate this house once more & wondered if you have any insight as to its location. I thought it was off the Rectory Rd but I can no longer find it.

Kind regards, Mrs Mower

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