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Here are links to additional resources to allow you to import text, add images, format your document, etc. They start with beginner level articles on importing text and photographs and progress to covering all the techniques you would eventually need should you wish to create a sophisticated article:

Please note that the more advanced operations are barred to people with simple access to the site. However, we have an editor level access option and are happy to consider opening this up to those of you who would like to get more active with the archive

  • If you have a lot of information you can copy/paste outside text into the wordprocessor, say from a Word document or a notepad editor. This possibility is explained in detail for complete beginners in our article on importing text.
  • Here complete beginners can find detailed instructions for adding photographs to an article. Note that if you have a text article that has images in it then you can import the text, as above, but the images will have to be imported separately. Detailed instructions are given in our article on importing images
  • Later on you may wish to have a look at our wordprocessor article, particularly if you want to add formatting and links to your text. This article is a bit more advanced and there are links within the article to other advanced topics such as HTML.
  • When you are totally familiar with all these things or if you are already computer literate why not look directly at the full site manuals. Here you will find everything including information about multimedia additions and advanced text formatting.

A few relatively advanced articles have been written which have not yet been integrated into the above framework. They can be seen here.

Do remember its a good idea to use Internet Explorer if you want to use the advanced techniques of adding and editing material. All Windows computers have this as standard.

Finally, if you have been nowhere else in the meantime, you can return to exactly where you were on the "Write an article" page by clicking the back arrow of your browser.

Hope these notes will be of help.

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