Images Placement Test

By Bob Stephen

This is a series of placements using the $ tag with different types of image size. The images loaded are all 4000x3000 plain jpgs, each of 140k (as opposed to around 3k for a photo image of the same pixel dimensions).

Photo:A, $1, Scaled, Right-aligned

A, $1, Scaled, Right-aligned

Click for 'enlarged' Scaled image

Photo:B, $2, Full-size, Right-aligned

B, $2, Full-size, Right-aligned

Click for 'enlarged' Full-size image

Photo:C, $3, Thumbnail, Right-aligned

C, $3, Thumbnail, Right-aligned

No 'enlargement' option for Thumbnail

Photo:D, $4, Original, Right-aligned

D, $4, Original, Right-aligned

Click for 'enlarged' Original sized image

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 12/10/2012.
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