Enlarging Images

Some of the images on the site can be enlarged. You will be told about this in the image information for individual images, or at the start of an article if all the images in the article can be enlarged, such as for the Evening Echo images.

If you have a phone or pad then:

1. Tap an enlargeable image

2. It should immediately appear magnified on the screen

3. Stretch the image with two fingers (or finger and thumb) to the magnification you want, or to the magnification limit

4. Touch the image and drag it around if you want to see a particular part

5. When finished tap the back arrow on your screen to go back to the RDCA site

If you have a PC then:

1. Click on any image. It will then display at medium enlargement on your screen

2. Hover over any part of the image. You may see a small plus sign beside the cursor. If it is there you can enlarge the image further

3. Click the left mouse button again and the image will enlarge to at least twice its original size

4. You can then move about the image if it overflows the screen by using the scroll bars that appear on the edges of your screen. That way you can home in to anything of particular interest

5. When finished close the enlargement window to go back to the RDCA site by clicking the "left arrow" at top left of the window

When finished reading this page tap or click your browser "back" arrow to return to wherever you came from on the site

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 15/05/2017.
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