Frederick Lazell

Where was his house?

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Dear Rochford Archives,

This is a long shot. I'm trying to find the whereabouts of an address that my great grandfather apparently lived at, and where my grandfather Ernest was born, in 1900 in Rayleigh.

It obviously no longer exists!  It is simply listed  in the electoral roll book at ERO as "dwelling house - Alley (successive)  Rayleigh." We think it was somewhere near or on Little Wheatleys.

No one seems to know where it is.

My great grandfathers name was Frederick Lazell or often spelled Layzell. He was an agricultural worker who moved around a lot so I am not imagining this to be a smart residence, more like a shack or a small rented cottage perhaps?

Hoping  you might be able to help. I've got Rayleigh Museum trying to help but they are not sure.

Paula Jenkins

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Thanks Bob,

Yes I’ve extended my search. I think I may have made a breakthrough with ERO although any additional information is good. Someone may know more. A small chance comment to do with WW1 returners on your website about someone living in The Alley Hockley Road many years ago has resulted in ERO finding a Rayleigh road on an 1875 map called The Alley. I don’t know if it is the same place referred to in the Electoral Roll, as just Alley.  If I could get a modern map to overlay it I could see what is there now. New houses probably. How the world changes eh? Anyway I was just thinking how lovely it is that we have these little local archive websites like yours as they are a joy to read and look at the old pictures and memories. I shall keep checking  the website for more information. Thank you again. Paula 

By Paula Jenkins
On 25/11/2018

Hi Paula,

I've put pointers to your query on the front page of the site.

Hope you have some luck.

No doubt you are looking around elsewhere like Ancestry etc

Regards, Bob Stephen

By Bob Stephen
On 25/11/2018
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