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From now on we'll be making it the norm to do all aspects of technical publication ourselves leaving authors to concentrate on assembling text and other material.

So if you you send all copy material to us by email we'll do the necessary to ensure it gets on the site.

  • Please send text to us in the body of email(s) or as email attachment(s).
  • Please send any photos etc as email attachment(s). Any format is acceptable. If you only have originals then scan and send them in whatever format you can and in fair quality. Leave any detailed tinkering with the images to us.
  • Send everything to the site email address

Obviously this will not prevent anyone using the normal route of adding articles to the site themselves and then submitting the articles for publication once they are happy with them. 

Procedural Summary

1. Articles

a. Send us material.
b. We'll put it on the site.
c. If you are not a registered user we'll register you and send you an email with your user name and password.
d. You will get an automatic email from the site once your article is published.

a. Write a comment at the bottom of an article.
b. If you not are a registered user you will have to complete a "CAPTCHA" security code before the comment is accepted.
c. If you are a registered user and you are not logged on then you will also have to complete a "CAPTCHA" code and your comment will not be linked with any other material you have put on the site, even if the name you use is exactly the same as your registered one. In these cases we may be able to do something after the event to put this to rights - no guarantee, however.
d. If you are a registered user and are logged on then you will not have to complete a "CAPTCHA" procedure and your comment will be automatically linked to everything you have on the site listed under MyPages.

3. General
a. If you are a registered user on the site then it is desirable to be logged onto the site everytime you use it. The log on should only be required once from your normal computer provided you tell your computer to remember the log on details. If in doubt about whether you are logged on just look at the log on panel at the left of the RDCA main screen. If there is no "Hi, you!" there then you are not logged on.
b. As a registered user you will be able to see all your contributions to the site under MyPages (for which there is a link in the tool bar on the Home page). Your pages appear first followed by your comments on pages. There is also space for you to add personal information to the top of your contribution listing by editing your registered profile - go to the logon panel and click on "My Details" and when you are on your profile page go to the bottom and type into the box headed "Your profile", then click on "Update".

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