Holt Farm (Hawkwell Holt) School

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Photos and names from the 60s

By Karen Watson

These pictures are of my classes in Hawkwell Holt (shortly after renamed Holt Farm) Infants School (c1962), for which I can remember very few names (but will mention some below): and Holt Farm Juniors c1966-7, where I luckily wrote a note of them all. For that picture the list is:-

Back row: Kim Dallen, Keith Wederall, John Turner, Stephen Allen, Laurence Irwin, Christopher Holliday, Paul Smith, Ian Finlayson.

Second row: Robert Steele, Pamela Bratton, Dawn Sallett, Wendy Arnold, Janet Freeman, Lynette Glynn, Karen Harwood, Janice Robinson, Patricia Pearson, Simon Wood.

Third row: Hazel Swinburne, Anita Harvey, Beverley Charters, Yvonne Skingsley, Janet Monk, Susan Pope, Anne Churchyard, Kim Werden, Linda Balfe, Susan Whittingham, Susan Brown, Sharon Farrelly.

Front row: Brian Skingsley, Anthony Barrington, Jeremy Bassett, Peter Newman, Geoffrey Taylor, Philip Watts, Steven Donovan, Robert Verlander.

The infants' picture shows the teacher, Miss Taylor. Names I can recall are Jeffrey Toovey (I think he is standing next to her) Peter Clift (I think second from right, back row - he had a sister Janet) Michael Bray (second row, sixth from left) Janice Heathcote is between him and myself (Karen Harwood); two more to the right is Peter Newman again, two more and it's Tony Noad.

Third row 3 from left is Linda Charles, then Sharon Farrelly and Dawn Sallett, Janice Robinson, Lynette Glynn, Beverley Charters, Susan Pope, another I can't remember and Hazel Swinburne on the end.

Front row: I think Kim Dallen is the last one on the right, blanking on the rest sorry.

Perhaps other viewers can fill in some more and refresh my memory.

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Ha! So many names that I recognise after all these years! I hope you’re all well.

Regards, Keith

By Keith Huewen
On 30/07/2018
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