Chapman and André's Map of Essex 1777

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High resolution maps in B&W

Tim Fransen

In association with the Essex Record Office (ERO), Tim Fransen has developed an open access high-resolution interactive version of the Chapman and André's Map of Essex 1777 using digitised plates from the ERO publication No.11, 1950.

To extend the ERO publication's intention 'to enable a wide public to enjoy this remarkable map' this online version supports all modern web browsers, platforms and devices for the benefit of students, teachers, historians, researchers and other interested people.

Please visit: to explore and enjoy.


This page was added by Tim Fransen on 08/03/2018.
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It would have been quite a shock seeing the original engravings for the first time if you have only ever seen the later copies.

The originals are truly stunning in the amount and clarity of detail they have, I can well remember the first time I saw them myself.

Having the later copies on-line is a wonderful historic resource that I will no-doubt use quite a lot in my historical research so thank you, but to have a high resolution digitised version of the originals would be simply amazing.

By Brian Meldon
On 10/05/2018

Hello Brian, Bob and RDCA readers, thank you for your comments – good to know you’re enjoying the digital map and finding it useful.

You'll be pleased to know I now have access to the exquisitely detailed original 18th century engravings, the digitised plates will also be stitched together to produce a superior high-resolution interactive map to complement and enrich the above version/website for the further benefit of students, teachers, historians, researchers and other interested people. For your information, this will be freely available in July 2018 at:

By Tim Fransen
On 04/05/2018

Maybe so Brian but the detail still looks impressive.

I had a quick look around the net and found this:

which turns out to be another recreation of the originals (but without hanchures to show gradients), and which is available at considerable cost. Some useful associated information is provided about the Chapman and André editions.

Has anyone had a go recently at a full colour digitisation of any of the original coloured versions of the maps? Might be nice to have one of our local area in Essex.

By Bob Stephen
On 03/05/2018

Very useful thanks for the link. It is a shame that he had to use the 1950 re-print and was not able to use an original 1777 printing. The original that was printed with the original copper plates has far more detail than the 1950 re-print that used a photo type process to copy an original and as a result lost some detail and also lost some edges of the original maps.

By B Meldon
On 03/05/2018
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