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There is a Google search window at the top right of this page (between the spyglass and Go).

If you type a search word into the window, such as water, and then click Go this panel will disappear.

But afterwards you can use your browser back button to come back here and continue with more of the search examples shown below.

So for now just type water into the search window and then click Go.

A hit list appears in this space and you could click on anything of apparent interest in it to view the associated article.

Here are some notes and examples about searching:

  1. Its always best to start with quite a wide search and then progressively narrow it down by adding more words.
  2. So if you try the single word  water you will get quite a few articles.
  3. If this list seems too long you can refine your search a little bit - try a two word search phrase using, for example, water Wakering. The hit list will now reduce a bit, but not very much.
  4. Then try the three word search phrase Wakering water perhaps. Now there should be just a few hits, one being this page. Google finds all pages with these words mentioned appearing in any order on the page.
  5. Now use the exact search phrase "perhaps Wakering water". You will be shown a single hit which is this page. The quotes force Google to come up with an exact match, ie it will show a page provided all the words are on the page and in exactly the order shown. [RDCA-admin: Exact phrase searching has a bug if you use the small search box. Instead click on the spyglass to the left of the small box and use the bigger search box that then opens underneath).
  6. Note that if there is no Google search list showing then we have nothing on the site containing all your search terms. Consider simplifying your search a bit but if it is already very simple, such as a single word search, and you still get no results then there are no articles on the site containing your search term.
  7. Google treats search words the same whether they are typed in upper or lower case or a mixture of both.
  8. Google takes several weeks to update its indexes so if you are looking for new material you will not find it using Google. You should then use one of the other methods: a good start would be to click on the What's New link in the top bar.

Good luck !!


This page was added by Bob Stephen on 30/01/2012.
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