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If you want to find out what's on the site first have a look at the index items in "Browse the site" to the left of this page.

Then if you can't find what you want you might try the following tools:

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There are five ways of finding material:


Our main indexes are on the left and the right of the every page. The left one is best suited to those of you using touch pad computers while the right one will be best for traditional computer users and is much the quicker of the two to use. The left index has more links in it than the right and should be considered the "master" index.

Site Map

If you would prefer to see a straightforward list of all the articles on the site then you should use the SITE MAP view. Link from here or via the Site map link in the bottom bar. When you are on the Site map the listing is set out in the same order as in the indexes but you don't have to click through any category lists to see article titles. If something takes your fancy just click on the item and you will be taken there. Everything on the Site map is clickable - articles and categories - even though they are not shown in the normal underlined blue.


There is a Google search engine dedicated to the site. This is a very powerful way of finding things that might otherwise be hard to find. There is a link in the top bar of the site and also via this GOOGLE SEARCH page which gives more information on how to search. Google will find obscure things like comments put on one of the notice boards by someone - just use their surname and see what happens, or a word or two that might seem pertinent. The GOOGLE SEARCH page gives illustrations.

Author name

If you are at the bottom of any article you will see the name of the person who has submitted it. Then if you click on the name you will be taken to a page containing all submissions by this person. You may see up to three things: first a profile of the person if they have provided one; then a list of their articles on the site; and finally a list of their comments on articles. Here is an AUTHOR NAME page that pulls everything together into one place.

Page Number

If you know the ARTICLE NUMBER then you can get to the article directly by typing its number into the site link in your browser window. Click the link for more information.

Layout of the Home page

For background information we have put together a description of the layout of the Home page and what the various bits do.

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