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Not a memory, but trying to help my Dad, Brian Stanley, who believes his Grandfather Charles Stanley, lived in Rochford and died in 1954, he was last registered at Warsash The Promenade, Rochford, and Dad believes he had a son called Theodore Stanley, he is looking for literally any information, photo's of property, or any news with regard to the family including death's.

Hope this isn't against the rules, but my Dad is now in his 80's and the family history, etc is keeping him going :)

By Jackie Stanley
On 27/06/2019


My grandfather and great grandfather had a butcher shop I’m guessing around  late 1800’s. They lived in Mermaid Stores ferry road Hullbridge. Name Frederick and Bernard (Jack) Davis. 

cheers, Michelle

By Michelle White
On 08/04/2018

Hi Richard, I lived at Carlton 3 Crouch View Grove, the drive, from 1950 to 59 when I left to joint the army. On demob in 1965 I spent some time in Gosport Hants then emigrated to Australia, where I have been ever since. I remember Jock Wallace. Me and my friend Peter Cracknell used to pitch some of the old boats he was repairing. I remember his girlfriend was quite pretty, the story was she trained Esther Williams, the film star, to swim. The owners of the garage at the end of Ferry Road were the Bulls, their son was called Arthur. I remember Mr Bull had a vintage car called a Merandez Special. I remember the Dutch trawler was The Seven Bells,  they were the Emersons I went to school with their son Barry. Do you remember the strange guy who used to go around selling fruit and veg from his bike? He lived with his mum in a rundown cottage, we all thought she was a witch. My first girl friend was Elain Thundow. Did you know the Claridges? Caroll, John, Robert and two other sisters. Also the Cracknell family, Tony, Jacka, Peter and Robert. They owned the chicken farm next to the school. My fondest memories are the summers. Remember the flats at the end of the river walk over the style along the dyke wall. When the tide came right up you had grass under your feet. We would make mud slides down into the river when the tide went out. The regatta was fun too, making rafts from 45gal drums, dressing as pirates and water flour bombing the other boats. And of course the greasy pole. But the winters were not so much fun. For the first few years no electricity, sewage or phone and the walk to the main road was either through mud or frozen mud. I could go on but dinner ready so maybe another day. Happy days, Yes

By Ernie Dixon
On 11/11/2015

I can remember my father moving into a new bungalow in March 1957 (near Coventry corner) and being flooded during the first week there. My friend Susan Harrison and I watched the water pour down the hill on ferry road like a waterfall.

By Gill White
On 17/08/2015

Hi, I've just read your post about the Smugglers pub in Hullbridge.  I don't know if you will remember but do you remember a man called Keith who had a nickname Butch who had a jazz band that played at the Smugglers in the 1950s?  If you do can you reply either way, as he was my dad.

By Kate
On 19/02/2015

Thank you very much for this, Jacky. Do you have any photos of this that you could share with us? It would be great to have some on the site. Best wishes, Helen

By Helen (web admin)
On 17/02/2013

I was thrilled to see these memories of Richard Dobson's. I was born in 1956 so my memories are a bit later but I remember a lot of the names mentioned. My Dad, Stan Morgan, was Commodore of the 'Up River Yacht Club' at one time and he and Terry Groom teamed up for, what I believe must have been a Regatta. Dad was dressed in a dinner suit and Terry in a dress. They were on a raft on the River with Dad playing the piano and Terry, the violin. I have a lovely photo of the two of them, soaking wet after the raft sank. I remember another time when Dad was dressed up as a mermaid with long blond hair - wish I had a photo of that! Theo Stanley and his wife, Doris, were close friends of Mum and Dad. I remember being told that Doris taught their twin daughters Italian so that she could admonish them without anyone else knowing. Sid and Winnie Stuttle were also good friends. I remember staying with them after they moved away from Hullbridge to Suffolk, before moving to Devon. Sid loved his model railways and had a track running around the garden in their house, Twist Niet, in Hullbridge. He never looked happier than when he was riding it around the garden. Winnie never looked her age and was into healthy foods. They had a beagle called Bonnie. I've also heard of the Hurdle family and Jock. Others that I can remember were Johnny Beale, Reg Garrod (who had a caravan at Hullbridge) and Johnny Cowling (I believe). Many others were members of the Silhouette Owners' Association and we all used to sail together. We sailed up and down the Crouch, but also across the Channel to Calais, where I remember rowing around the harbour and practising my schoolgirl French. I also remember quite a few Silhouettes moored at Noss Mayo in Devon and doing an obstacle race off of Plymouth. I spent most weekends of my childhood years at Hullbridge once Dad had rebuilt a wreck of a boat he found in the mud there. It gradually grew in the front garden of our house in Rayleigh and I remember it being launched at Hullbridge. Happy Days.

By Jacky Willoughby (nee Morgan)
On 17/02/2013
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