Importing photographs

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If you already have photographs for an article on your computer or on some removable medium, such as a USB stick or a DVD, then you can import them into the site. Various image formats can be imported and the photos can be quite large. You should assume that any images that look satisfactory on your computer will be suitable for importation. If you have a choice then jpg is the preferred format: this is now the universal format for popular digital camera images.


  1. Go to the Contribute panel and Log in to the site. Then go back to the Contribute area (now with your name there) and click My pages
  2. If you are writing a new article click Add a Page, otherwise pick up an existing article by clicking on the Edit link beside its name in Drafts.
  3. You should know these things before continuing ... You can add text or add photographs to an article in any order and you can save an article without anything at all in it. All elements of your article, including title, are completely editable right up to the point of publication. Photographs are not put directly into the article text (via the wordprocessor window) but into a separate place and they are subsequently positioned on your article in Preview. You only ever see your text AND photos together in Preview.
  4. Now please click on Add photos. Website instructions appear in the panel on the right. Just note here that "Browse file" in this panel refers to the Choose file option on the left side of the page.

The following assumes you are using a Windows 7 computer. If you have another Operating System then the instructions are very similar. If you have trouble adapting what you see below then ask us for help.

Adding photo(s)

  1. Click on the Choose file panel.
  2. A smallish window will open, in the left panel of which is a list of places on your computer: Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, Network.
  3. You must now navigate to the place where your photographs are on your computer. They will typically be in Pictures which is inside the Libraries category. If the pictures are on a stick or a DVD then you will find these bits of hardware listed at the bottom of the left panel - adapt the following instructions if you are following this route.
  4. Click on the little arrow beside Pictures in the left panel. A drop-down list will appear with My Pictures in it. If this has a little arrow beside it then click on it. Continue like this clicking little arrows until you eventually see the photographs you want in the right hand panel. Then transfer your attention to the right panel and scroll around it until you find the particular photograph you want.
  5. Click on the image of the desired photograph. Its name will now appear in the panel at the bottom of the window.
  6. Click on Open. The browsing screen will disappear.
  7. Beside Choose file you will see an abbreviated name of the photo you have chosen.
  8. If all looks satisfactory click on Upload this image.
  9. A miniature of the photograph will now appear to the right below Photos on this page. If the image is big it will take a few seconds for it to be sent to the web site.
  10. Now just continue the process to add more photos. Unfortunately you must add them one at a time as there is no "block" addition procedure. So you will have to repeat the entire photo addition process for each photograph, each time commencing with Choose file.

Reviewing your work

  1. You can have a look at the probable published results by previewing the article. Just click on the Preview tab.
  2. You will note that there are three panels 1 2 3 in the preview page. Option 1 is the default. If there is text already in your article then clicking on 2 or 3 will show the different effects available.
  3. You can now run forward and backwards across the tabs Add words, Add photos, and Preview until you are either content to publish your article or just want to save it as draft.
  4. If you need to alter text or photos then do so at this stage. Photos can be deleted at any time and new ones added. If you have difficulty with these manipulations then just leave layout suggestions for the webmaster when you finally submit.
  5. Click Save to pick what you want to happen next.

Saving options

You will see these options:

  • Save and continue editing
  • Save draft for later
  • Save and submit

If you have any particular information or instructions for yourself or for the webmaster you can put them in the panel underneath these options - or you could, of course, put prominent instructions at the top of your draft article which would then be stripped out later by the webmaster.

Good luck !

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