NEWS - 14th Dec 2017

  An explosion of comments:

Jennifer Roughton, who now lives in SW France, has posted several comments recently. Nice to see we are being looked at from further afield.

  New Query:

Anyone know about Hector 'Jock' Wallace. Post information on the General Message board here.

  New Articles and Comments:

A few new articles and several comments have been submitted in the last few weeks - click the links in the top bar or scroll down this page.

The latest article concerns the old secondary school in Rocheway which may soon be demolished to make way for houses. 

One of the latest comments deal with the future of the Foulness Heritage Centre now that its 15 year lease is nearing its end - anyone know anything?.

  New Sports category:

Another of the new articles deals with cricket - a first for us. We have therefore opened up a new sports category (see under the Topics view at the left). Come on all you historic local sports collectors - open up your attics and get posting!

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