NEWS-1st Feb 2015

Contributions Simplified: We welcome material from anyone, especially articles and comments on articles. However, the publication process on the site may be a bit daunting for newcomers and even for those who don't publish often. Click here for information on how we can give you more help.

Old-Maps website: We have an outstanding problem on the site with broken links to the old-maps website. A solution has been found and the broken links will be repaired one-by-one starting next month. If you stumble on one of these broken links and click on it then nothing at all will happen - so just move on somewhere else and accept our apologies.

NLS website: While investigating the old-maps problem we stumbled on this resource. Its highly recommended even though it doesn't offer the widest range of old maps. Click here for a demonstration of a satellite image overlay of an old Rochford map. When the map image appears move the slider Change transparency of overlay (at bottom left of screen) and see what happened to the Rochford Hospital site. Then do the same for where you are!

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