NEWS - 23th June 2016

Flickr: We have begun adding photographs to an external server named Flickr which will allow us to make many more photographs available. Our first batch of 46 photographs is from the collection of Samuel Saxby-Hill. Others will follow - particularly the 258 we have from the large Hewson Osborne collection of 2000+ photos and memorabilia recently digitised by Hadleigh Archive. 

 Facebook: We have taken down a Facebook page dedicated to the site due to lack of resources. However, those of you with Facebook pages can still spread the word about the site by making use of the social media links at the bottom of each article page.

 Mobile Friendly: Our site is now "mobile friendly". What this means is that you can now view it satisfactorily on smartphones and tablets. If your phone has a QR app you can access the site directly using your phone's camera - click on the QR code panel to the right for more information.

 Ron Ewers: Has anyone got anything to add to support Brian Pettitt's handful of photos he obtained from Ron. Maybe someone worked in the "market garden" or knew someone who did?

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