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I may be able to shed a little light on the question of "Smith's Farm". The following information was obtained from the memories of the late Harry R. Wright who was a life long resident of Hullbridge.

During the 1920's/30's Montague House (now the Simla Restaurant) was owned by a Mr and Mrs Smith. Their garden, mostly given over to orchard was very extensive, stretching some distance along Ferry Road.

You could not call the Smith's property a farm by any means, it was more in the nature of a small holding. They used to sell their garden produce outside the house to passers by.

By David Whiffin
On 22/06/2016

There is a pretty comprensive article about plotlands on our sister site at Laindon. This was written by Ian Mott who sadly is no longer with us. Click the following link to go to the article:

I visited the plotland museum and nature reserve at Dunton some years ago and recall that you could buy booklets and other information there.

By Sue Horncastle
On 29/03/2016

From the comments the plotlands are a known feature of the area, though now built over. Is there a source I can access giving some general history/information about them?

By Mike Parsons
On 29/03/2016

The plotland area where Mike's family had their home has completely disappeared now and been replaced with mostly large, detached homes. When I lived in Hullbridge in the late 1960s/early 1970s the pre-war homes were more or less as originally constructed. It was a small area of unmade grass tracks leading off The Drive towards the river Crouch. The small wood and breeze block buildings were constructed on each side of the track. Each property had a large area of land around it and most had a verandha built on the sunny side. It always seemed a wonderful carefree place to live when I visited friends who, I think, lived in The Walk. Lovely in the summer but maybe less so in winter.

I am pleased that the path along the riverbank towards Battlesbridge is still there and a small area of grass and woodland where some of the country atmosphere still remains.

By Sue Horncastle
On 25/02/2016
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