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Re: Moats & Springs, Stambridge

By Brian Pettitt on 16/02/2020 at 18:10

Sara - as promised I have had a look in some of my previous research and have some further background to Moats and Springs from the Census records. In 1851 it was shown as being occupied by Samuel Robjent who is described as Farmer of 29 Acres employing 1 labourer. Samuel is 59 and was born in Prittlewell and died 1870. He was still there in 1861 farming the same amount of land but employing 2 men. His niece was visiting at that time. He married in 1813 Elizabeth but there is no record of her on the census that I could find. In 1861 it also shows George Smith an Agricultural Labourer living there and his wife. He may well be one of the 2 men and may have had a cottage or rented a room. I do not have anything on 1871 by when he had died so it may have been sold but this would need to be checked at the Essex Record Office. In 1881 2 Agricultural Labourers and their families lived there namely WIlliam Sims and his wife and 5 children and James Bunn and wife and daughter. It is possible that Samuel Robjent left the farm to a family member and these 2 labourers kept I going or it may have been sold and the families paid rent on the property. In 1891 William Sims was still living there with wife + 2 sons and 2 daughters also Thomas Playle and wife + 4 sons and 2 daughters. I do not have anything for 1901 and 1911. I suspect the Purkiss Family bought it in the mid 20th Century but I will clarify this with them when I next see them. I could not find any mention of Moats and Springs in the 1841 census as it was the first and the information was a bit sketchy although Robjent was working as an Ag Lab at Hampton Barns. When I am next at the Essex Record Office I will see if I can find out any more and will update the message board.

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