Text Editor Capabilities - An Inset Table

By Bob Stephen

What you must do to get a block of text centred on the page - or to move it anywhere left or right by controlling the border widths.

This procedure is necessary because the straightforward option of a centred single cell table is not possible. The editor code checker disallows the centering of tables, even though centering is an option.

I would not recommend this procedure to anyone new to the site. For newbees the motto should be to keep things simple and only to use the straightforward editor facilities. However, if you want an inset table or inset text you will have to do the following:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              First create a 1 row 3 column table putting it into a clear space. Type a few keyboard spaces into the outside columns to stop them shrinking too much. Then type or paste your text into the centre column. When you have finished type more spaces in the outside columns to bring the text nearer the centre or delete spaces if the text needs moving the other way. Then adjust the clear space between the table and surrounding text to your liking. BE CAREFUL and if things go haywire use the Undo arrow in the editor. Finally get rid of the table borders by editing the HTML code: find the table code which should be easy because of the text and then look to the very top of the table code above the hard space codes ( ) and change border="1" to border="0". This makes the border disappear. Once the border is gone BE VERY CAREFUL not to tinker with the text in its vicinity as you can very easily make things go haywire. Good luck !!!                                                                                                                                                                                               

This text is placed just under the box and shows you how near the bottom of the box you can place the text that follows it.

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 31/01/2011.
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