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Migrate South Fambridge into Parishes. Delete Places. Rename Parishes as Places.

Edit Banner Images folder to agree with new banner system. Consider alerting Community Sites tyhat they should leave old Pictures in place (or ask me to migrate photos from it to Adverts.)


Right panel adverts every month / Newsflashes at last once a month or whenever merited / Scrolling banner regularly, maybe once a month / Sponsors link whenever a new sponsor appears or page needs updating

New comments: approve after any editing etc; inform page author by email; add link to top of page if its the first comment on the article


Categories: Clear up all the categories and associated site content. There are many test categories that Bob has created for evaluation purposes. Rationalise everything.

Site manuals: There is an extensive set of hyperlinked CS manuals that have been added. These should be augmented by site specific manuals (by adding side links from the CS manuals) especially covering the special features of our site such as things we have created ourselves or that CS have left undocumented.

AllPages: rename "contributor pages" in Search the Site and add a link to this at the end of the top tool bar also called AllPages.

NewPages: Ensure that all registered users have their articles acknowledged in the article footer so that the article appears in NewPages.

General parish/places information: Need to populate the header panels of all geographic categories (because there is a link set up in each for that purpose. This will for simplicity and speed reasons initially involve populating them with available links such as WiKi. 

Foulness: Bob article events dates in June and on 9 Sep 2012 need removal when completed: June event deleted on 01/07/12.

Google: Check category 142 and register there whether Google has changed its indexes. This page and category 142 were cut-off from Google by breaking the links on 02 July 2012 thereabouts. From experience we may have to wait several weeks for the Google indexes to be refreshed.

Private area: This area is category 121. It needs to be made invisible to Google and the public. Some steps have been taken towards this. What remains is to create an invisible private administrative user so that the "Bob Admin" link in Search the Site cannot be used to get there.

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 28/06/2012.
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