RDCA Flyer

Here are front and back images of the RDCA flyer in PDF format. The A4 double sided printouts are then folded twice. Tiny alignment dots are printed on both sides to facilitate the folding (from version 3 they are only printed on the back side).

My method is to print out all pages required in one print run and then to return the stack of paper to the printer in-tray and print all of the other side. On my printer I simply move the stack from the printed tray to the feed tray without turning or inverting. But its probably a good idea to try one sheet first before doing the lot !

You will obviously need to set your printer to landscape mode etc and to make sure whatever settings you use on the front page are reproduced for the back page.


 Version 2 of the images, prepared 29/04/13, includes a QR Code panel and an extra image, also an update of the site contact details.

Version 2B of the images corrects a typo - "save" replaces "preserve" and also the front image and text are dropped down a fraction on the page.

Version 3, prepared 05/05/15, replaces "will be " by "is" and tidies up the parish list to make it look more balanced. The folding dots are removed from the front page and those on the back page are repositioned slightly. The icons for email and website are made explicit.

Version 4, small layout realignments made.

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